Mortgage Analyzer Calculator

Know the mortgage but not the payments or future balances? Simply choose your term, a payment frequency, and amortization period, enter the mortgage amount and interest rate, et voilà! Welcome to our Mortgage Analyzer Calculator!

1) Mortgage Term
2) Payment Frequency
3) Amortization Period (Years)
4) Mortgage Amount($)
5) Interest Rate(%)

Your Mortgage Analysis:

Mortgage Payment
Mortgage Balance Remaining After
    1 Year
  2 Years
  3 Years
  5 Years
10 Years
  • Calculations can vary by up to 10% on property type, interest rate type, and down payment amount
  • Contact your mortgage agent today to get an accurate estimate

The Mortgage Analyzer Calculator helps you look at the future of your mortgage and the progress you will make over time towards paying down the balance. Of course, your situation might be very different at the end of your mortgage term than it was at the beginning. This analysis gives you a starting point to plan from in order to set up a complete review of your mortgage and current financial situation.

The calculations used on this page are based on the best available information at the time it was last updated/published. The accuracy of the results depends on the information that you enter. If you have questions about how the analysis is calculated, or would like a complimentary assessment to review your current mortgage and look at options that take into account more factors, contact our team to start a conversation today.

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