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June 2021 Newsletter

Don’t Miss Out On Your BC Homeowner Grant

It’s property tax time, which also means time to claim your BC Homeowner Grant. There are some changes this year you’ll want to know about.

May 2021 Newsletter

How To Ditch Your Mortgage

Want to be mortgage-free sooner? We’ve got the details on how to reach your goals. It all starts with your relationship with your broker. Plus, our monthly social media giveaway, a Mortgage Minute video, and more!

November 2020

To Buy Or Not To Buy Your First Home In 2021?

These days that’s the million dollar question – quite literally in Victoria and the Greater Vancouver areas. Buying a house, especially your first home, is a major decision. Auxilium Mortgage owner Kam Brar looks at some of the factors you should consider if you decide to buy property in 2021.