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Change is for Certain

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When we first met Eleanor and Jason, they were a young couple buying their first condo together. Fast-forward 5 years to their mortgage renewal date, and a lot had changed in their world. Eleanor had started a new job several months prior to the renewal, and the couple had just gotten married. They were carrying a bit of debt from the wedding, and wanted to save for the future so they could move into a single-family home.

These are some big life changes, but they’re also very typical of what we see with our clients. Our team was up to the task of helping them find the best mortgage solution for their situation. This included knowing what documents would be required up-front, since Eleanor had taken Jason’s last name when they married and her employment information still showed her maiden name; reviewing both of their credit histories to ensure they were accurate and that we were taking care of as much outstanding debt as possible; and assessing the options between rolling everything into a new first mortgage, adding a second mortgage, or applying for a HELOC.

Even with the additional amount of their debts rolled into the mortgage, our team was able to secure a refinance of their first mortgage for Jason and Eleanor at the best market rates with an ‘A’ lender. By keeping their original amortization, they are still building equity in their condo unit and are on track towards their homeownership goals.

Whether planned for or unexpected, change in your life will influence your finances and your goals. That’s why we come to the table with a range of options and our own experiences, to work on finding the right solution for you.

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