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How to Qualify for Your First Mortgage

Buying your first home can be confusing. When we talk about qualifying for your mortgage, we mean looking at the ratio of your debt vs. your income and seeing whether you will realistically be able to make mortgage payments. Your Debt Service Ratio When it comes to your finances, a lender will want to know

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What Renovations Can I Make With A Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage?

You know the good news: if you’ve found your “almost” dream home, there’s a financing solution to make it just right for you. But what does almost cover? Let’s take a look at what renovations are eligible for a purchase plus improvements mortgage. What is Covered? The most important thing to remember with this financing program

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How Do We Put The Mortgage Puzzle Together?

  Diversifying A Rental Portfolio for Retirement Planning Sharon and Daniel were referred to us by their realtor when they were looking to buy a rental property in Victoria. The couple are living happily up-island, with Sharon working in a long-term senior management role, and Daniel already semi-retired. They were selling their previous rental property,

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You’re In The Driver’s Seat When It Comes To Your Mortgage

You’ve worked hard to save a down payment. You’ve got your dream home in mind. But how do you get from that moment of being ready to owning your first home? That was the situation our client Tom found himself in. Tom had saved diligently throughout his career and put aside 15% of the purchase

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