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Down Payments 101: Buying A Home In Canada

  How much money do I need to buy a home? Where can the funds for my down payment come from? Your down payment is one of the three main pillars that supports your mortgage application. It represents the equity you will put into the property you’re buying and determines how much money you will

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Costs To Consider When Buying Your Home

  Saving to buy a home is more than just putting together a down payment. Even though the down payment gets all the focus and planning, there are additional costs you’ll incur and need to cover. We walk you through those other costs and fees, allowing you the opportunity to both plan for them and

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Your Unconditional Purchase Offer Might Get You More Than You Bargained For

  When the real estate market is hot, there is a lot of pressure to make quick decisions. If you’re worried about missing out in a bidding war or are motivated to move, it can be tempting to go in subject-free so that your offer stands out. But what if your dream home turns out

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Splitting up? How do you divide the house?

There are a lot of reasons to buy a house with someone else. You could be: buying a family home with your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife; co-signing for your grown son/daughter to assist them with their purchase; investing with a sibling or friend so that you can both get a foot on the property ladder. Whatever

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